Watford / Three Rivers - Procurement Portal

Tender processes

The varied needs of each Council are delivered by a variety of suppliers, ranging from the small local enterprise to the large blue-chip organizations. The choice of where to purchase is made on an assessment of what represents best value and will give the right support to the delivery of the Council's services. This is usually done through a tendering process.

Watford and Three Rivers will adopt common Contract Procedure Rules in April 2010 in line with shared service implementation. These rules outline how each Council procures and manages contracts and form part of each Councilís constitution. Tendering processes are based on promoting open competition and maintaining transparency within the framework of rules for procurement as determined by EC and UK law

The following procedures are applied from April 2010

Estimated Contract Value Tender Process
Up to £2,000 at least one oral Quotation should be obtained and confirmed in writing above £500
Between £2001 and £25,000 at least three written Quotations should be obtained. The requirement should be advertised if the procurer is unsure of the market place.
£25,001 to EU Threshold Formal competitive tender process based on written specification and the Councilís conditions of contract. This is to be advertised through this portal.
Above EU threshold Normally invite a number of competitive tenders, depending on the EU procedure adopted, based on written specification and the Councilís conditions of contract