Watford / Three Rivers - Procurement Portal

Evaluation of tenders

The evaluation of tenders is carried out using the award criteria stated in the Tender Documents. All tenders are assessed and evaluated at the same time and against the same criteria, which will have been set before the tenders are opened.

Your bid will be successful if offer represents best value and gives the right support to the delivery of the Councilís services. We do not look for the lowest price, but for the most economically advantageous Tender. This takes into account quality, cost over the life of the equipment/ project, delivery date and maintenance, to obtain best value for money.

Once the evaluation process has been completed, we will award the contract to the successful contractor as soon as possible.

All tenderers will be notified whether or not they have been successful. The Council will offer feedback to your organisation, which will highlight those areas where you may not have scored so highly and where you may be able to improve for future opportunities.